Why caching isn’t always the best solution — Part I

  • Fastest response.
  • Better I/O and network usage.
  • Lower network usage on mobile device.
  • Harder debugging (i’m gonna talk about this later).
  • Need to invalidate the cache
  • Server constraints

Stop thinking about cache !

It’s exactly this type of reaction which lead great project into a really hard time when it comes to refactorization and evolution, in fact, cache is probably a good idea if your code looks like the one whose runing on Google or Facebook (translation : A code who is required millions of times per hours/seconds and which need to be really fast and reactive) but before this, you’re not Google or Facebook and you need to ensure that the final user isn’t a beta tester, this way, it’s important to understand that the cache lead to a lower quality demand on your code and this lead to performances issues and for reasons !



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Guillaume Loulier

Guillaume Loulier

PHP developer @SensioLabs, Symfony addict (3, 4, 5 & 6 certified!)